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Lasallian Association began in the 17th century with the commitment made by De La Salle and the first Brothers as they discerned their response to the educational needs of poor children.  The willingness to respond continues to be the foundation of our own journey into Association.  This movement is transformative. We, a diverse community, engage one another as we make practical our desire to facilitate the salvation of the young, especially the poor.  Together we enter a ministry that manifests our lived responsibility toward God, the Church and those entrusted to our care.  The result is a new identity shaped by the Lasallian charism.  Let us journey together.

De La Salle and the first twelve  teachers commit themselves to the Christian education of the poor. Since De La Salle's death in 1719, we continue in his spirit.

The first attempt to establish Lasallian education in the Mississippi Valley occurred in 1819 at St. Genevieve, Missouri. This establishment lasted only 3 years.

On August 28, 1849 three Brothers arrived in St. Louis and on September 11, 1849 they began teaching class in the residence just west of the old Cathedral.

The 39th General Chapter, fulfilling the mandate of Vatican I I which asked religious orders to renew themselves.

Lasallian formation online began. And continues to mark our journey.


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The purpose of this module is to provide everyone, whether new to a Lasallian ministry or a veteran, with the same fundamental overview of De La Salle’s life and mission. This module also introduces the skills necessary to participate in an online course of study. Watch this video to understand how to register for our online courses and the reasons for our move to Moodle.
We have moved.


Recognizing the needs in 16th century Reims, he possessed a clear vision of salvation and set out to accomplish a task he saw as God’s work embodied in both Faith and Zeal  (2020-2021)


From Rome to our ministries, the structure of our Institute.


The course of a life is rarely predictable.  Exploring the life of one man, John Baptist de La Salle might give us an interesting insight into our own experience of finding purpose in life, observing the critical needs that society presents, attempting to find our way in a world full of contradictions, building a community of support, confronting significant obstacles, and trusting that what we have accomplished will have impact beyond our own lifetime.  (This module is the starting point for everyone.)

De La Salle’s relationship with his parents and grandmother laid the cornerstone of an edifice that became a lifelong journey of faith.  The death of his parents changed the course of his life.  The relationships he had with trusted advisors and friends like Fathers Barre and Roland, Madame Maillefer and the Sisters of the Child Jesus, and then Adrien Nyel, thrust him in directions he never could have envisioned.  (2018-2019)


Born in the small city of Reims, De La Salle’s life was changed because he walked.  He walked to the school, College des Bons-Enfants, and the cathedral where he became canon.  As he walked, he became acutely aware of the young boys who roamed the streets without supervision.  Street kids and trouble waiting to happen--  street urchins far from salvation.  (2019-2020)


Not able to accomplish his vision alone, he sought out others to help in his mission allowing the Spirit to transform and alter his intent.  (2021-2022)

Amid the opening and running of schools there were failures surfacing in closures and lawsuits.   De La Salle felt abandoned at times by his brothers and perhaps wondering if his call and vision were his alone rather than God’s work.  (2022-2023)

The vision of De La Salle, as we commemorate the 300th anniversary of his death, continues today together and by association with Lasallians throughout the world.   Recognizing the signs of the times in educating those, especially the poor throughout the world.  (2023-2024)

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De La Salle reflected that God lead him in an imperceptible way and over a long period of time, so that one commitment led to another in a way that he did not foresee in the beginning. Our itinerary for this journey is a bit more planned.

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The 2006 International Assembly reflected: “The experience we have lived is like the Pentecost of the first Christian community. We feel compelled to proclaim the Reign of God by means of the Lasallian educational mission. We feel compelled to be lights in the hearts of the young people whom we serve and lights to the world. We feel compelled to educate and form young people in human and Christian values.” Guided by the Spirit, the participants made a proposal of the “first order for all Lasallians,” namely, initial and ongoing formation and accompaniment.


Those who share the Lasallian mission, albeit in different ways, are always invited into a common formation process that helps them to discover the deeper meaning of our life and our vocation. Each of the vocational pathways requires a specific guide for formation while sharing common principles.


Today we can affirm that “... the desire of many colleagues in Lasallian ministries to participate in the charism of the Institute is one of the most significant trends in recent times. This longing for charismatic communion and sharing is fostering a dynamic movement in the Institute” (Circular 461, 3.11). This dynamic finds expression in the association for mission that requires new and unified approaches to formation.

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Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC, has been appointed Visitor by Superior General Brother Robert Schieler following a balloting process of Brothers in the District. Brother Michael’s four-year term begins July 1, 2019.


Brother Michael has been a De La Salle Christian Brother for 53 years. He has worked on Lasallian Formation with faculties within the District and internationally.

Br. Michael Fehrenbach

Dr. Scott Kier joined the Christian Brothers of the Midwest in June 2013 as Superintendent of Lasallian Education. Reporting to the Brother Visitor, he is responsible for the oversight of all the ministries in the district, which includes three universities, fifteen high schools, five middle schools, three retreat centers and a publishing house.

Dr. Scott Kier
Superintentent of Education

Brother Dennis Galvin has long worked in the Retreat Ministry and Spiritual Direction.


Brother Dennis is involved in the Parmenie on Wheels program, offers direction to St. Yon's retreatants and supports Lasallian Animators in their ministry. Presents at John Johnston Institute.


Br. Dennis Galvin
Online Formation Team

Brother Chuck Gregor has pursued ministry for over forty years in the Midwest District and Africa. Currently he works as an Educational Technology Specialist at Lewis University. A graduate of the Lasallian Leadership Institute and the Course for New Formators (Rome, 1996-97) and Lasallian Animator in several ministries, he designed and maintains the Formation Online website.

Br. Chuck Gregor
Online Formation Team







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