Board of Directors

The board is the guarantor in each ministry of the legacy passed to us by our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. It is the role of the board to both maintain and grow that vision that is in response to the "signs of the times". They provide a vision and vigilance while at the same time challenging the ministry to be responsive to the needs of the young people under the guardianship of the ministry. They work in cooperation with the ministry's administration to keep the ministry viable and provide both a human and Christian education.


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      Deeply moved by the neglected state of “the children of the artisans and the poor,” and as a result of their contemplation of God’s saving plan, John Baptist de La Salle and the first Brothers joined together to conduct gratuitous Christian schools.

     By combining Christian formation and good quality teaching, and doing so in a brotherly manner, they rendered an important and much-needed service to the Church and society.

     The Rule, 2015

     Today, the Brothers pursue the Lasallian mission in partnership with men and women who recognize the relevance of the Lasallian charism.

     They carry out their mission as a witness, a service, and a communion.

     The Institute’s primary concern is the educational needs of those whose dignity and basic rights are not recognized. By its mission, it seeks to make it possible for them to live with dignity as sons and daughters of God. The Institute establishes, renews, and diversifies its works according to the needs of the Reign of God.


The Rule, 2015

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Faculty, Staff, and Administration

Lasallian education in primarily based on relationships: the teacher with God; the teacher with the student, and the student with God. It is through "touching hearts" that the Lasallian teacher leads, often through example, the student to Salvation and service to others. In the Lasallian vision no matter what the role one plays: administrator, custodian, teacher or coach, all are equally charged with the human and Christian education of those entrusted to them.


Saint John Baptist de La Salle recognized and extolled the parent as the child's first teacher, but also realized that due to the obligation of earning a living, they haven't the time or the training to be solely responsible for their child's education. De La Salle believed that it is God who calls others to become apostles of Jesus Christ in the education of youth.

District Initiatives

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A canonically required board of Brothers, advisory to the Visitor and possessing certain canonical authority; a majority of its members are elected; the council meets several times each year.

District Council

The purpose of the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) is to ensure that the Midwest District fulfills its mission of providing a human and Christian education of the young, especially the poor. The LMC guarantees and adds value to the vitality and unity of the mission at all ministries of the Midwest District.

Mission Council

LASSCA fosters a cooperative spirit among the chief administrators of secondary schools in the Lasallian Region of North America. It establishes a forum for discussion and a vehicle for action whereby the leadership of the member schools and the leadership of the Region collaborate in the promotion of the Lasallian mission to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor.

Lasallian Association of Secondary School Chief Administrators (LASSCA)

Young Lasallians represent a vital and viable group of individuals who have been positively impacted by the Lasallian mission and who are open to being more deeply connected to the Lasallian heritage and mission in their work and in their lives.

Young Lasallians

Lasallian Youth are seeking an understanding of themselves and the world. They search for understanding through activities of faith, service, and community. They are interested in learning about justice and discovering the reasons for so much injustice in the world around them.

Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Companionsp serve the District in helping to staff formation programs of projects of the District; to be of service to local ministries in mentoring young teachers, administrators or staff members; to actively participate in Lasallian Days in their areas.

Lasallian Companions

Among the members of the Lasallian Family there are persons affiliated to the Institute. The affiliated person is recognized as a person who has helped the Institute in its mission. Likewise he/she shows a great appreciation for anything relating to Lasallian spirituality.

Affiliated Members

The board is the guarantor in each ministry of the legacy passed to us by our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. It is the role of the board to both maintain and grow that vision that is in response to the "signs of the times".

Board of Directors

Brothers in initial formation and Brothers under the age of 35.

Young Brothers

The formation team includes Brother Visitor, Auxiliary Visitors, the Lasallian Vocation and Formation team, the Brother Vocation and Formation team, the Superintendent of Lasallian Education and the Young Lasallian Coordinator.

Formation Team

The Lasallian Animator gives life to the Lasallian mission by enlivening or animating the formation of faculty and staff. Brothers Dennis and Michael support the animators as they implement District and local formation initiatives.


The government calls a person 55 or over a senior.  We say a Senior

Brother is someone 70 or older.  We know a Senior Brothers is someone full of lived stories, aware of adventures and gifted with wisdom. Our Senior Brothers have laughed, have cried and have had some wonderful experience, and learned from them.  Often started out as teacher and ended his life as teacher.

Senior Brothers

Br. Robert Schieler

Superior General

Br. Jorge Gallardo de Alba

Vicar General

Br. Gustavo Ramírez B.

General Councillor  Association and Mission

Br. Rafa Matas

General Councillor Lasallian Family and Vocations

Br. Ricardo Laguda

General Councillor  PARC

Br. Paulo Petry

General Councillor  RELAL

Br. Pierre Ouattara

General Councillor  RELAF

Br. Timothy Coldwell

General Councillor  RELAN (North America)

Br. Aidan Kilty

General Councillor   RELEM

Superior General and his Council

We Are Not Alone



Consecrated Life


The Brothers of the Christian Schools


The Guadalupana De La Salle Sisters


The Lasallian Sister of Vietnam


Lasallian Servants of Jesus


Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus


The Secular Union of Catechists of Jesus Crucified and of Mary Immaculate



Lay Associates


The “Signum Fidei” Fraternity


The Young Lasallians


Affiliated Members of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools


The World Union of Lasallian Past Pupils




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